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ExsulCoin uses blockchain technology to help refugees.

Pre-ICO Price: 1 ETH = 2000 XUL

Ico Price: 1 ETH = 1000 XUL

ICO begins in:

Full ICO details in Whitepaper.

About ExsulCoin

The refugee crisis is spiraling out of control

Every minute, 20 people are forced to abandon their homes because of violence or persecution. And if we put all 65.6 million of these people in one place, forming their own country, it would be larger than the United Kingdom. This is the refugee crisis—an immense and unimaginable suffering on a global scale.

And we want to fix it.

We are building a blockchain technology platform for refugee-led projects. This platform is accessed through ExsulCoin, a cryptocurrency which allows the holder to nominate, vote for, and fund these projects. Users of the platform can also earn ExsulCoin by completing needed tasks, such as delivering drinking water or supplying a medical clinic. In this way we are developing an ecosystem that empowers refugees through financial inclusion, and massively scaling the efficacy of current relief efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ExsulCoin?

ExsulCoin is an ERC-20 token—much like OmiseGO, Civic, and Amber—that drives the ExsulChain platform. People who own ExsulCoin can use their tokens to help build refugee-led projects. In addition, refugees can use ExsulCoins to pay for tutoring, mentorship, or nanowork tasks.

What is Nanowork?

Refugees often find themselves in strange, uncomfortable situations that could be relieved with a tiny bit of help. For instance, a newly resettled refugee in the United States might not be able to understand how to test and apply for a drivers license. In this instance, just a half-hour of help can lead to tremendous benefits, since having a drivers license means being able to access more services and job opportunities.

Existing online solutions are inadequate since they’re not available everywhere and often involve broken communities and scammers. The ExsulChain platform links user reputation to identity, meaning you’re only as trustworthy as your user rating, which is completely open on the public blockchain. Being on the blockchain also means you can’t delete bad ratings—which encourages better user behavior, and a better community overall.

When we built the ExsulChain reputation system, we immediately knew we could use it to help solve these “nano” challenges faced by refugees. That’s when we created nanowork—tiny, one-off tasks that you can be paid for, either in-person or remotely. And you don’t have to worry about problems with Paypal or having enough cash—everything is processed using ExsulCoin tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Why is having a token necessary?

Refugees live in a grey-area in society, where sex trafficking, extortion, and slavery are commonplace. Being able to track transactions within the community allows us to flag problems and alert relevant authorities, while keeping us accountable to the public.

Additionally, the immense public hatred for refugees means we needed a way for participants to have skin-in-the-game when interacting with refugees. (So if someone’s going to troll people on our platform, they’ll need to pay the victims for that.)

Lastly, refugees are generally don’t have credit cards and don’t trust financial institutions. Having a blockchain-based token from a community they’re a part of solves this issue.

What is your ticker symbol and token address?

Our ticker is XUL, and, for security, our Ethereum wallet address can be found through https://exsulcoin.com/signup

How can I participate in your token sale?

Firstly, sign up for an ExsulCoin wallet: exsulcoin.com/signup. Then, send your ETH to our address. The calculation and delivery of XUL tokens are handled by our smart contract.

Problem? Contact us at hello@exsulcoin.com or visit our community on Facebook.


EXSUL Education App

One of the biggest challenges facing refugees is integration. The EXSUL app is an AI-driven education platform that delivers high-impact skills along with local know-how, helping refugees integrate with their new communities. In addition, EXSUL securely stores educational achievement and identity verification on our blockchain platform, making it easy for employers to screen and hire resettled refugees.

ExsulCoin ICO

The ExsulCoin ICO marks the launch of the XUL cryptocurrency which drives the ExsulChain blockchain platform for refugees. It is the world's largest ICO to date.



Every refugee has a story. ExsulBeads was created to help them tell it. We partner with refugees to make sustainable products that represent who they are and where they are from, and then we help them distribute it through social media and other channels.

Saleh Ahmed's Shelter

Saleh Ahmed's Shelter

Saleh Ahmed is 60 and has just arrived at the Kutapalong Refugee Camp after fleeing violence in western Burma. It is rainy season and he needs a tarp to stay dry at night, and some food, as refugee overflow has stretched supplies thin.



2017 Q3

  • Legal structure and framework
  • Refugee community site visits
  • Needs analysis
  • UI/UX wireframes and design for education app
  • Establish XUL community

2017 Q4

  • ExsulCoin platform development and testing
  • Regulatory compliance execution plan
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Application for necessary licenses and permits in jurisdictions that require them
  • XUL Pre-Token sale event
  • Marketing and PR
  • XUL community development

2018 Q1

  • Talent recruitment for key positions
  • Building of the education app
  • Content creation for the education app
  • Launch of Exsul Beads campaign
  • Launch education app
  • Talent recruitment for refugee community teams
  • Talent recruitment for translation teams
  • Establish legal team and fund
  • Bangladesh refugee site visits for user research and signups
  • Strategic partnerships with global aid agencies
  • Strategic partnerships with ASEAN governments
  • XUL Token sale event
  • Listing XUL on exchanges

2018 Q2

  • Launch ExsulCoin Platform
  • Strategic partnerships with other Asian governments
  • Strategic partnerships with African governments
  • Strengthened regulatory compliance
  • Talent recruitment for education content teams
  • Six Asian refugee site visits for user research and signups
  • Establish Asian, EU, and US refugee community teams

2018 Q3

  • Establish money transfer partnerships
  • Begin large-scale educational content creation
  • Strategic partnerships with EU governments
  • Lebanon and Libya site visits for user research and signups
  • Strengthened XUL community
  • XUL community crowdlending

2018 Q4

  • Strategic partnerships with EU governments and US government
  • US refugee community visits for user research and signups